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"Jenny is a engaging, wise, nurturing speaker who has come to my classes many times to speak with my Grade 11 World Religions classes. Her authentic perspectives allow students to deepen their understanding of key Indigenous beliefs and practices." 


Maria, Teacher at St. Francis Xavier Catholic High School

Jenny  Sâwanohk –
Educator and Motivational Speaker.

Jenny is a passionate speaker on Indigenous Ways of Knowing. She is honored when invited to speak for organizations and at special events. For the past 15 years, she has had the honor of being a keynote speaker for larger events like the OARTY (Ontario Association of Residences Treating Youth) conference, or as a motivational speaker for more intimate settings such as MoMondays Ottawa.

As an educator, Jenny is a recognized Knowledge Keeper on Indigenous Worldview and Spirituality, and our interconnection to one another and All Our Relations. She believes that we must develop a more respectful and compassionate way of relating to one another, and this planet. Her experience includes speaking in-person to all elementary grades, approximately 600 students, at St. Leonard's School to virtually connecting with smaller groups, such as Lester B Pearson High School's Indigenous Studies class. It is a profound joy for her to connect with the youth and our future leaders.

As an advocate for understanding Indigenous issues, Jenny offers a safe space to learn about the historical and present day issues impacting Indigenous people, the clinical implications this has had on our wellbeing as a collective, and offers tools on how to come together to reconcile our differences and forge a new way forward. As a Truth and Reconciliation Specialist, Jenny compassionately holds space for misunderstanding, teaches about cultural sensitivity and provides tools for moving forward in reconciliation.

Jenny loves the opportunity to connect with people in a way that inspires them to want to better understand Life, their Soul Purpose here, and to stoke the Sacred Fire within them to step into their passions and Calling. She is passionate about helping people to understand the disconnect that they are feeling from themselves, others, the Earth and ultimately, a Higher Power. And teaching them about the healing opportunities that are available to them.

MoMondays Ottawa

Momondays Ottawa Dec 12, 2016
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Jenny Sutherland: Canada's Residential Schools, Kids in Care & #MMIW

Jenny Sutherland: Canada's Residential Schools, Kids in Care & #MMIW

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