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"All three of us have been struck by your energy-I have never seen or heard Rob so taken with all that we spoke about and it feels as if the song has already transformed into something more spiritual and soulful. Thank you for allowing us to sit in your healing circle-that was so beautiful. I have felt blessed, peaceful and harmonious while at your healing lodge..."

Kellie, Black Cherry Band

Jenny  Sâwanohk –
Mentorship & Consultation

Sometimes we just need a little direction, and Jenny lovingly provides guidance and support in a range of different services.

As a mentor, Jenny offers on-on-one sessions to help you better understand your calling and how to begin the needed steps forward. Jenny understands all of the challenges that can hold us back from stepping up and into our purpose. Sessions are healing, resourceful and provide a life-map on how to move forward.

Jenny offers the following workshops as a facilitator:


  • Truth, Trust and Reconciliation, and bridging All Our Relations

  • Understanding Indigenous Spirituality and finding Healing and Harmony.

  • Dream Weaving and Stepping into our Power.

  • Bird Medicine and understanding our Winged Allies.

  • Earthing and reconnecting with our Natural Laws.

  • Understanding your Wellness Wheel and finding Holistic Healing.

  • Seven Grandfather Teachings: Confronting Ego and Connecting with Spirit.

Want to bring new programming into your agency or organization? Jenny is passionate about sharing what she knows works and believes is needed.


  • How to provide culturally competent treatment for Indigenous youth in care.

  • Identity-based Healing; understanding where you've come from, who you are, why you're here and where you're going.

  • Earth Warrior Series: raising a new generation of compassionate children.

  • Harnessing the energy of the 13 moons.

Please contact Jenny at for more information on her workshops/programming; or if you would like to book a personal consult and receive mentorship at her Healing Lodge. 

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