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"Jenny is a natural born healer who had the ability to energetically bring up and heal trauma that I held in my subconsciousness. I wasn’t aware of this heavy weight that I was carrying but some of my unhealthy habits pointed to issues that I innately knew I had to address. I’ve had therapy in the past and nobody had the special gift that Jenny has. Her energy work is profound and very effective. I highly recommend Jenny. You’ll feel at ease and nurtured by her."


Jenny  Sâwanohk – Indigenous Healer & Psychotherapist

Jenny is a registered psychotherapist with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers (OCSWSSW). She is also a member of the Ontario Association of Social Workers (OASW). During her years of study in Psychology, and then as a Masters of Social Work student, Jenny focused on understanding how trauma impacts attachment and is both ancestrally and intergenerationally passed on, and how traumatic events can impact psychological, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. 

She combines psychotherapy with energy healing for a unique healing experience, where clients can receive the counseling needed to better understand past and present issues from a cognitive behavioral standpoint. But also receive the intuitive guidance and energy healing to better understand how these issues manifested and why, and how they impact our body, mind and spirit.

Jenny compassionately challenges limited beliefs, negative thought patterns and maladaptive coping behaviors, that may be repressed in the subconscious and not fully understood on a conscious level. She helps clients move forward with an empowering, strength based approach, and with a focus on utilizing Indigenous spiritual tools and ways of healing.

​Many moons ago, Jenny's passion for providing culturally sensitive and competent treatment programming for Indigenous youth-in-care pulled her into the world of traditional healing and what may be referred to as Medicine Work or Ancient Doctoring (spiritual and energy healing). In a quest to ensure access to elders and traditional healers for her youth, Jenny was told her purpose was to offer these services too. For the past five years, she has apprenticed under extraordinary Indigenous healers, and it is her honor for her to step into this place of servitude.

Her Healing Lodge, Misiwe Ni Relations, is a Sacred Space and offers a very therapeutic environment to receive healing. Clients are welcome to stay post session to spend time in the Healing Forest

or to finish integrating their healing in a sea salt or cedar bath.

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