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Jenny has extensive experience and qualifications in the following areas:



Events, conferences, talks, panels, or shows, Jenny is available for inspiration and educational speaking. She is passionate on educating others on Indigenous spirituality, history, and potential of Indigenous Canadians. 



A gifted energy healer with a background in psychotherapy, Jenny offers magical, transformative one on one sessions. 



Ready to act or make real changes, have authentic conversations, and engage the community in your business in regards to reconciliation? 

Questions on appropriation and what is not? Jenny provides coaching and consulting to businesses and individuals. 


"All three of us have been struck by your energy-I have never seen or heard Rob so taken with all that we spoke about and it feels as if the song has already transformed into something more spiritual and soulful. Thank you for allowing us to sit in your healing circle-that was so beautiful. I have felt blessed, peaceful and harmonious while at your healing lodge..."

Kellie, Black Cherry Band

"I’m very grateful for the work with Jenny to help me deal with not only my grief and trauma that I’m carrying but also the help re-balancing of my energy blockages. She's amazing!"

Arturo, California

"Jenny is a natural born healer who had the ability to energetically bring up and heal trauma that I held in my subconsciousness. I wasn’t aware of this heavy weight that I was carrying but some of my unhealthy habits pointed to issues that I innately knew I had to address. I’ve had therapy in the past and nobody had the special gift that Jenny has. Her energy work is profound and very effective. I highly recommend Jenny. You’ll feel at ease and nurtured by her."


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