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Red Stone Snake Woman

Jenny Sawanohk

Mosoniw-Illiliw. Healer. heArtist. Rainbow Warrior. Truth & Reconciliation Specialist. Inspirational Speaker.

This is a call, a plea, for you to rise to your own calling. We need each and every one of you to help us heal. You all have medicine to share.

​​This world needs us to heal, evolve to a new consciousness and do the work we are meant to do! I am answering this call by offering my own healing services, and a space to allow others to do the same.

I would love to work with you and amplify our healing, voices, and answer the call together!

Collaboration Opportunities


Complimentary service to share important conversations and information around healing, reconciliation, traditional art, and educational support. 

Guest Blogs

A commissioned service that includes unique content created exclusively for your brand's blog or website


Complimentary service for interviews, quotes, or video's on healing, energy medicine, reconciliation, traditional art, or potential of Indigenous culture in Canada. 

Brand Ambassador

A commissioned service that includes bi-weekly social media promotions and once monthly video reminders. Price is dependant on collaborative expectations and negotiable.

Audience Reach

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Let's Work Together!

Have a collaboration in mind? Or contact me to brainstorm ideas today!

LIVE Vlog on Bird Medicine


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