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Truth & Reconciliation Training

When Jenny entered her Master of Social Work degree, all she really knew was that she compassionately wanted to learn how to better service Indigenous youth and their families. This is when she began extensive study of the Residential School system, and the impact it has had on the Indigenous community. Jenny can only describe her research as an energetic knife to an already broken heart and further breaking her Indigenous heart into a million pieces. The propaganda, the deceit, the betrayal, the manipulation, the abuses... all aimed to destroy the Indian in the child, but more often that not, destroying the Human. Genocide. Thousands of children dead with no acknowledgement by the Government or Churches that became Legal Guardians of our babies.


Jenny has been called a Specialist in this field, having designed a training that allows you to truly explore and understand the depths to this dark part of Our Canadian story, that helps you to put together the many fragmented pieces of the horrific puzzle in which Indigenous people live, and to  trauma, systemic racism and oppression to understand the bigger picture here, and empower you to do your part in helping to make a difference. This is where Jenny's abilities as an Educator and Motivational Speaker come together beautifully - helping you to truly understand what's happened, and inspiring you to rise into the 94 Calls to Action created by the Truth and Reconciliaton's Commission. 



As the granddaughter of Residential School survivors, this has become Jenny's heartwork. 

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